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Product photography is a specialized branch of commercial photography focused on capturing high-quality images of products. It involves showcasing the product’s features, details, and overall aesthetics in a visually appealing manner.

Professional product photography is crucial for businesses as it helps enhance the visual appeal of their products, build trust with customers, and drive sales. High-quality images captured by professionals can showcase products in the best possible light, effectively communicate their unique selling points, and create a positive brand image.

We have expertise in photographing a wide range of products, including but not limited to fashion apparel, accessories, electronics, food and beverages, jewelry, home decor, and beauty products. We have experience working with diverse industries and can effectively capture the essence of various product types. Our own private studio located in Ngau Tau Kok.

Handling your products with care is essential to achieving the best results. We recommend avoiding any folding or scratching, as this could potentially lead to damages. While our skilled photo retouching services can help address minor issues, it’s always preferable to provide the products in the best possible condition.

For garment items, please select the best-stitched pieces to minimize the risk of unnecessary wrinkles. This attention to detail ensures your apparel is presented in the most appealing manner.

If your photoshoot involves food products, we are happy to come to your restaurant or production facility to capture the freshest moments. Additionally, our team offers food styling services to further enhance the visual appeal of your culinary creations.

Lastly, if possible, please provide us with extra product units. This allows us to select the most optimal options for your photoshoot, ensuring we deliver high-quality images that accurately represent your products.

We offer comprehensive styling services to enhance the visual appeal of your products, but we believe client involvement is important for the approval process. During the photoshoot, we are happy to send you images via WhatsApp for online approval, ensuring your vision is seamlessly executed.

We maintain a selection of general props that can be utilized during the session. If you require more specialized or tailor-made props, we can source those on demand. Alternatively, you are also welcome to provide your own props for the shoot.

In addition to providing props from our inventory, we also offer a prop sourcing service. If you have specific items in mind that are not part of our existing collection, we can procure them for you. Please note that the cost of the props will be added to the overall project fee, and we typically offer two rounds of selections to ensure you’re completely satisfied.

We understand that the timeline for your product photography needs can vary depending on the specific requirements. For example, a simple white background setup can typically be completed in a single day or half-day shoot, while more complex on-set arrangements may take longer.

To ensure we have ample time to plan and execute your photoshoot successfully, we recommend booking our services at least one week in advance. For first-time clients, we request a 50% deposit to secure your booking.

Once the photography session is complete, our team will work diligently to provide you with the final high-resolution images within 3 to 7 working days after you have made your photo selections. This turnaround time allows us to meticulously review, retouch, and deliver the visuals that best showcase your products.

If you require a faster turnaround, we do offer an accelerated service option for an additional charge. 

Please let us know if you have any other timeline-related questions or concerns, and we’ll be happy to discuss the details further to accommodate your needs.

We can retain photo samples for up to 2 weeks to ensure accurate color calibration and attention to detail. This allows us to work closely with the actual products during the photoshoot and post-processing stages.

Upon completion of the photoshoot and post-processing, we will provide you with a secure Google Drive link to access the final high-resolution product images. This digital gallery will be available for you to download the files for 2 weeks.

In addition to the digital delivery, we can also provide you with a quote for professional print orders of the product images. This allows you to obtain high-quality physical copies to use for various marketing and promotional purposes.

During the photo session, we select the best camera angles in collaboration with the client to showcase the products in the most optimal light.

Next, we provide a quote for file renaming and organization to ensure seamless management and delivery of the images. This is followed by color calibration, general adjustments (such as exposure, contrast, and white balance), and careful cropping to enhance the overall quality and composition.

In the final stage of the retouching process, we enhance the images by removing any dust or scratches. Additionally, we can provide a quote for reshaping the products or creating transparent backgrounds as required.

Throughout the retouching process, our goal is to ensure the final images align with the client’s brand identity and exceed their expectations.

The turnaround time for receiving your high-resolution product photos is typically 3 to 7 working days after you have made your final photo selections.

The cost of our product photography services can vary depending on the specific requirements of your project. Factors such as the number of products, complexity of the setup, additional styling or prop needs, and any special requests can impact the final pricing.

To receive an accurate quote tailored to your requirements, we kindly request that you send us an inquiry. Our team will review the details of your project and provide you with a comprehensive quote.

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